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Its mainly focus to serve women and children as of now though the future plan is to serve the general community. This is the health center of its kinds where we try to observe all the culture and customs of Islam. Specifically at this Center Women are treated by women and it’s the First Center in the country to have such kind of services.

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We have been engaging in relief work by distributing Clothes to the needy and construction of wells to the people living in area with scarcity of pure and clean water.



SMV has worked closely with Taqwa Orphan Trust to provide free screening and medical services to the orphans residing in orphanage centres. These monthly visits were done in collaboration with the trust whereby SMV provides free medical screening and services for the orphans, while Taqwa Orphan trust provides logistical support. So far we have reached more than 110 children. we provide some financial support to orphans especially education support.


Muslim Scholars

SMV has conducted medical screening for the muslim scholars from Hay-atul ulamaa in Tanzania. SMV is working on mechanism to provide medical coverage for members of Hay atul ulamaa. This scheme will help the muslim scholars access free quality services to meet their health needs.


Blood Donation

In Tanzania, shortage of blood is a common phenomenon and many patients lose their lives due to lack of blood and blood products. In collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Program, SMV has complemented government’s efforts in addressing the shortage for blood and blood products in the country.


Health Promotion

o We organize and conduct health education programs on various diseases aiming at increasing community awareness on problems of public health importance in our country. This is done through open public talks, local radio and Television shows, newsletters, posters and internet in collaboration with both governmental and nongovernmental Associations.


Capacity Building

SMV has been providing technical assistance to various organizations in matters relating to health. For instance some organizations were supported to establish health facilities; and also to manage health facilities.

Work of Excellence


Work of Excellence

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