[anps_featured link_target=”_self” icon=”fa fa-industry” style=”” title=”MEDICAL CAMPS” image_u=”2682″ link=”#”]We have made several successful medical camps like Ikwiriri Medical Camp, Morogoro Special Camp for Women, Dar es Salaam Special Camp for Women, Tanga Fistula camp etc[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured link_target=”_self” icon=”fa fa-cog” style=”” title=”BLOOD DONATIONS” image_u=”2677″ link=”#”]In Tanzania, shortage of blood is a common phenomenon and many patients lose their lives due to lack of blood and blood products.  In collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Program, SMV has complemented government’s efforts in addressing the shortage for blood and blood products in the country.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured link_target=”_self” icon=”fa fa-flask” style=”” title=”ORPHANS” image_u=”2678″ link=”#”]SMV has worked closely with Taqwa Orphan Trust to provide free screening and medical services to the orphans residing in orphanage centres. These monthly visits were done in collaboration with the trust whereby SMV provides free medical screening and services for the orphans, while Taqwa Orphan trust provides logistical support. So far we have reached more than 110 children.[/anps_featured]