About us

[heading subtitle=”THE SUNSHINE MUSLIM VOLUNTEERS ” size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″ heading_style=”divider-modern” color=”#000000″ subtitle_color=”#c9c9c9″]ABOUT SMV[/heading]

SMV is a CHARITY organization which stands for THE SUNSHINE MUSLIM VOLUNTEERS a registered Nongovernmental organization for the purpose of serving the society through volunteerism especially in health related matters. It is composed mostly with medical professionals including Doctors, Nurses and pharmacists

In running day to day activities, the organization is setting its strategic plan for the aim of simplifying work but bringing accountability to the organization.


To be the centre of Excellency in provision of the best high quality health care services to the poor people and training of highly qualified health care professionals according to Islamic standards across the region


as a nonprofit religious organization we are committed into  using our knowledge in  provision of Islamic standard professional health care services to the society particularly paying attention to the needy people who for some reasons are unable to seek health care services or to those who are looking for high quality health care services.


At SMV we believe in the qur’an and the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) as our principal guidance into achieving our goals.


“We serve to please Allah”.

[heading subtitle=”The beginnings” size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″ heading_style=”divider-modern” color=”#000000″ subtitle_color=”#c9c9c9″]THE SUNSHINE MUSLIM VOLUNTEERS HISTORY[/heading]
[timeline 0=””][timeline_item year=”2010″ title=”Humble beginnings “]Registered by the Government of Tanzania, focusing on health-related activities.[/timeline_item][timeline_item year=”2012″ title=”Opened”]SMV Health Centre has been providing services for women and children who often lack access to quality and timely health care in our communities. Service providers are Muslim women doctors offering services observing Islamic ethics. The centre is located at along Kigoma and Bukoba Road, Ilala Ward, within Ilala Municipal in Dar es Salaam.[/timeline_item][/timeline]
[heading subtitle=”” size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″ heading_style=”divider-modern” color=”#000000″ subtitle_color=”#bababa”]Where We Work[/heading]

Our work is mainly in Tanzania, a developing country located in Eastern Africa.

[heading subtitle=”Outreach Programs Reaching poor disadvantaged groups” size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″ heading_style=”divider-modern” color=”#000000″ subtitle_color=”#bcbcbc”] What We Offer : Community Activities[/heading]

Ikwiriri Medical Camp

A client being brought to the Ikwiriri Medical Camp

This was the second medical camp to be conducted by SMV. It was held in Ikwiriri Ward, Rufiji District in Coast Region, about 150 kms from Dar es Salaam City. A total of 37 volunteers including medical professionals, medical students, teachers and other Muslims participated in the camp. Camping was made at public health facility (Ikwiriri Health Center) which provided all the necessary equipments while all medical supplies and consumables were provided by SMV. There was a huge turnout of clients and more than 350 people were offered free medical services on the day of the camp alone. There were donations of clothes, dates and Quran and these were distributed to community members in the area.

Dar es Salaam Special Camp for Women

Body Mass Index from Dar es Salaam Camp for women

This camp was conducted in collaboration with Madina Group. A total of 713 women were registered for screening. Services offered include screening for breast and cervical cancer, hypertensive disorders, diabetes mellitus and oral services. Majority of the women who came for the screening were from Dar es Salaam. However, others came from other regions such as Manyara, Morogoro, Mtwara, Pwani and Zanzibar.

As a result of this camp, several proposals have been written to develop and implement interventions to address non communicable diseases in our communities.


Outreach to other special groups


SMV has worked closely with Taqwa Orphan Trust to provide free screening and medical services to the orphans residing in orphanage centres. These monthly visits were done in collaboration with the trust whereby SMV provides free medical screening and services for the orphans, while Taqwa Orphan trust provides logistical support. So far we have reached more than 110 children.

Health Promotion

  • We organize and conduct health education programs on various diseases aiming at increasing community awareness on problems of public health importance in our country. This is done through open public talks, local radio and Television shows, newsletters, posters and internet in collaboration with both governmental and nongovernmental Associations.


  • Conducted Health talks after prayers (mostly Maghreb prayers) in the mosques.

Capacity Building

SMV has been providing technical assistance to various organizations in matters relating to health. For instance some organizations were supported to establish health facilities; and also to manage health facilities.

[heading subtitle=”” size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″ heading_style=”divider-modern” color=”#000000″ subtitle_color=”#cecece”]SMV Health Centre Services[/heading]


  • 24 hours
  • Female Specialists
  • Reproductive and child care
  • General Outpatient services
  • Specialized outpatient services
  • Inpatient services
  • Delivery services
  • Laboratory services
  • Pharmacy services
  • Circumcision
  • Theater services
  • Imaging ie Ultrasound services

Morogoro Special Camp for Women

This camp was done in collaboration with the Organization of Muslim Youth of Morogoro and was conducted on the premises of Muslim University of Morogoro (MUM). The main aim was to provide screening for breast abnormalities in women. The camp was preceded by a one day seminar. Other issues on which sensitization was conducted were family planning and cervical cancer. Nine (9) female doctors volunteered in this camp ie two Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialists, six doctors and one internist. About 400 women attended the camp and were provided with services.

Tanga Fistula Camp

This was was done in 2016 with collaboration from Federation of Islamic medical Associations (FIMA). This is worldly known body comprised of more than 33 Islamic medical Associations from different coutries.

A total of 44 suspected clients with fistula were seen during this camp.

Blood Donation

Clients donating blood during Maulid Day Camp, 2011

In Tanzania, shortage of blood is a common phenomenon and many patients lose their lives due to lack of blood and blood products.  In collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Program, SMV has complemented government’s efforts in addressing the shortage for blood and blood products in the country. This was done by encouraging and supporting blood donation from community members.  Community sensitization was done in collaboration with radios and mosques.


 SMV has recorded and preserved works of Muslim scholars during their public talks, Darsas, lectures and ruling on Islamic matters for the use of current and future generations. This activity was conducted early on when SMV was established aiming at building a foundation of volunteerism among members.

Future Plans

Our future plans include expansion of health service delivery, construction of a state-of-the-art hospital, establishment of training facilities and improvement in Da’awa.

[heading subtitle=”Team Leaders” size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″ heading_style=”divider-modern” color=”#000000″ subtitle_color=”#c9c9c9″]SMV LEADERSHIP[/heading]
[team columns=”4″ number_items=”8″]
[heading subtitle=”SMV is comprised of exceptionally motivated and service-oriented individuals.” size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″ heading_style=”divider-modern” color=”#000000″ subtitle_color=”#d1d1d1″]Other Members[/heading]
  • Dr. Neema Ijani (Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and Assistant Treasurer)
  • Dr. Muzdalifat Abeid (Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, and Director, Health Services)
  • Dr. Zaituni Bokhary (Paediatric Surgeon, Member)
  • Dr. Mohamed Khamis (Member)
  • Dr. Mohamed Swaleh (Paediatrician, Member)
  • Dr. Hanifa Murithi (Member)
  • Dr. Zubeda Ngware  (Member)
  • Dr. Fatma Lijohi (Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Member)
  • Ukhty Rafia Ibrahim (Pharmaceutical Technician and Nutritionist, Member)
  • Dr. Alma Sykes (Paeditrician, Member)
  • Dr. Zulkarnain Rashid (Member)
  • Brother Kiza Kiseka (Pharmacist, Member)
  • Brother Ahmed Juma (IT Specialist, Member)
  • Dr Barke Abdulaziz (Member)